Secure storage for your technical files

To upload a Technical File, Technical Documentation or Type Approval File, please start the process HERE.

To watch a short video that explains the process, please click HERE

Complete the information, we will then provide a mandate. On signing and returning this, an invoice will be provided, and on payment of this invoice we will provide a link to upload the file to. The file will then be backed up to a separate server.

For Type Approval or to act as Authorised Representative, we need to ensure a signed mandate is in place.


To Hold a Technical File or Type Approval File for Ten Years, to allow use of Hold Tech Files name on Declaration as person to compile each Technical File = €600.00

To verify a Technical File has sufficient information = €500.00

To act as Authorised Representative for the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC = both of the above plus €300 per year for ten years.

To act as Manufacturers Representative = €600.00 per file, plus €300 per year for ten years.

See terms and conditions.

Note: From July 16th 2021, there must be an importer, fulfilment centre or Authorised Representative in place to provide Technical Documentation to authorities on reasoned request. 

See Regulation 2019/1020 page for details.

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